Apple May Completely Ditch 3D Touch On 2019 iPhone

Apple will introduce three new iPhones on 12th September at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino. Apart from the flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus, Apple will also introduce a budget-oriented iPhone. Well, for this iPhone Apple will eliminate many nifty features so as to reduce the pricing. One standard feature that might be missing on this cheaper iPhone is 3D touch.

Yes, Apple may remove 3D touch from the 6.1 inch LCD display of the budget iPhone. That said, you can still use every single 3D touch feature either through long pressing the display or via gestures. So here’s why Apple may remove 3D touch from the budget iPhone and why 3D touch won’t be present in the entire 2019 iPhone lineup.

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3D Touch: Features, Usability, And Why Apple May Remove It

Apple introduced 3D touch with the iPhone 6S in 2015. A majority of users consider 3D touch as a taken for granted feature and hardly focused on its presence. Well, 3D touch allowed users to trigger different shortcuts, without actually opening the application. The entire technology was based on the amount of pressure applied to the display. This pressure sensitive display recognized the pressure and provided a haptic feedback.

3D Touch

A majority of Android manufacturers were able to simulate the same feature based on the amount of time that you long-pressed your display. This definitely contradicted with Apple’s dedicated pressure sensitive display technology. Apart from that, including 3D touch on iPhones also increased the manufacturing cost of the display.

Consequently, eliminating 3D touch on the budget iPhone will help Apple reduce the pricing without compromising upon the features that it offers. Furthermore, through basic software tweaking, Apple could even introduce every single feature of 3D touch.

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iPhone XS: Last iPhone With 3D Touch

3D Touch

A few reports suggest that Apple may completely remove 3D touch from the 2019 iPhone lineup. The reasons behind this are the same as mentioned above. The 2018 budget iPhone can be considered as the testing phase of using 3D touch without actually having a pressure sensitive display. Definitely, Apple won’t reduce the cost of flagship iPhones but ditching 3D touch will help Apple to use the saved manufacturing cost for other more helpful features.

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