Apple Airpods 2 Leaks, Rumours, And Launch Date

AirPods 2 release date, price and specs rumours

Since their arrival on 13th December 2016 Airpods have been a perfect pair of earphones for anyone well-adapted to the Apple ecosystem. The same year Apple initiated the trend of removing 3.5mm headphone jack, and many Android manufacturers including Google adopted it. Well, even from the business perspective Airpods have been a successful product for Apple and definitely hold a good share of Apple’s 1 Trillion market value.

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There is no official announcement by Apple but a reliable source has informed Bloomberg that Apple may soon launch a voice-activated second generation Airpods 2. These Airpods 2 won’t face any issue in becoming mainstream due to the popularity of its predecessors. So here’s every bit of information available about the Airpods 2.

Apple Airpods 2: Rumoured Features And Specifications

The major highlight of the Airpods 2 will be the always on “Hey Siri” voice activation feature. Using the “Hey Siri” command users can easily trigger Siri, communicate with Siri, and assign tasks to Siri and that too using the Airpods all alone. Next up the new Airpods 2 may be splash and rain resistant. Well, the Airpods 2 can easily sustain unpredictable rains and accidental splashes but still, you won’t be able to swim with Airpods.

One of the most significant improvements that the Airpods 2 will offer is in the connectivity department. The new Airpods will be powered by the W2 Chip. This chip will help improvise the Bluetooth connectivity, data transmission speeds, and the battery life on the Airpods 2. It is worth noting that the W2 Chip was used in Apple Watch 3 and its capable enough to power the 1.3-inch OLED panel on the watch. A small design change will be the relocation of the LED indicator on the charging case. The LED indicator will be on the front of the case, not inside it.

One of the major issue with the original Airpods was with the overall sound quality. Apple will definitely improve the Audio quality on the new Airpods. Furthermore, we can also expect the addition of noise-cancellation feature on the new Airpods. The entire 2017 iPhone lineup supported wireless charging and we can expect the same with the Airpods 2. Lastly, Apple may also support the ability to stream music from Spotify.

Apple Airpods 2: Expected Launch Date And Pricing

As mentioned above there are no official announcements by Apple. That said, we can expect the Airpods 2 to be launched at Apple’s annual hardware launch event i.e the Keynote 2018. Overall, the Airpods 2 will be an interesting product and users will definitely find a few reasons to upgrade their original Airpods. The new Airpods will be priced slightly higher than the original Airpods and may retail for a price between $179–$199. 

Now if you have made it till here, do let us know what do you prefer more wireless or wired earphones.

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