Apple Discontinues iPhone SE, iPhone 6S- Should You Buy In 2018

Apple recently announced its 2018 iPhone lineup consisting of iPhone XSiPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Two old iPhones i.e. iPhone 6S and iPhone SE completed their three years lifecycle and were officially discontinued by Apple at the 2018 keynote event. Surprisingly, you can still buy these smartphones from many third-party retailers.

Is iPhone 6S Worth Buying In 2018?

Apple introduced the iPhone 6S almost three years ago. iPhone 6S was a major upgrade to Apple’s first attempt to manufacture large screen sized iPhone(iPhone 6) that was a major disgrace to Apple due to bending issues. iPhone 6S was powered by the flagship A9 processor coupled with M9 co-processor. Fun Fact, iPhone 6S was Apple’s last iPhone that had a 3.5mm headphone jack.

You can buy the iPhone 6S in 2018 if you strictly need an iOS device for a cheaper price point. iPhone 6S was introduced with iOS 9 and Apple will support the iPhone 6S to up to iOS 13. Consequently, due to Apple’s hardware and software optimization iPhone 6S will be usable for next year or two.

We would personally suggest you get a powerful Android smartphone like Poco F1 for the similar price. Lastly, if you still want the iPhone 6S it is a great smartphone, but do wait for any sale or festive season to get it at extremely low prices.

Is iPhone SE Worth Buying In 2018?

iPhone SE offers exactly similar internals as the iPhone 6S and sports the same 12MP camera capable of shooting 4K footage. The major difference between the two is in the design and display department. iPhone SE was the last flagship 4-inch iPhone that Apple manufactured.

Well, if you are still a person who believes that smartphones should be small and compact then iPhone SE is the last option you have. Apple will provide software updates on the iPhone SE2 for a year or two. It’s definitely a great phone but you can still get better Android phones for the price.

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8 thoughts on “Apple Discontinues iPhone SE, iPhone 6S- Should You Buy In 2018”

  1. About the SE you say: “It’s definitely a great phone but you can still get better Android phones for the price.” But can you get a better phone for the price that is as SMALL as the SE? I think for many people that’s what’s most compelling about the SE.

    • Yup, you are correct. It’s impossible to get a small flagship device like the iPhone SE and yes a majority of people bought the iPhone SE due to its small form-factor. That said, there were some people who bought the SE not because of its small form-factor but due to its cheap price-point. These people can easily upgrade to an Android phone with a larger screen.

    • Look Android and iPhones are the two mainstream smartphones. It’s practically impossible to write an iPhone article without comparing with Android devices that you can get for the similar price point.

  2. FUN FACT: YOU’RE WRONG! iPhone SE was the last iPhone to have a 3.5mm headphone jack as it was released March 31 2016, The iPhone 6s was released September 25 2015. Get your fun facts straight A.T.

  3. I’m SOOOO not happy about this and will gladly leave Apple behind should another company come out with a small phone.

    The sad part about this is that, since Apple has become a follower of the status quo without Steve Jobs… and no other companies are putting out smaller phones… Apple won’t have the balls to give us an iPhone X version in the 4.2″ handset.

    It’s really disappointing. I’m beyond words at this point.

    • You are correct Michael,
      Apple without Steve Jobs is like a ship without a captain.
      And yes small and compact form-factor was the main feature that helped iPhone’s gain popularity in the first place.
      Even I wish Apple surprises everyone by launching the iPhone SE2 at the 2019 WWDC. Lastly, you can wait for the small Pixel 3 with a 5-inch display as that’s the smallest you can get on a flagship device.

      Thanks For Reading


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