LG unveils its new AI-powered wearable robot

LG unveils its new AI-powered wearable robot

CLOi SuitBot: This wearable robot from LG will give you additional strength

LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing a wearable robot called the ‘CLOi SuitBot at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. This is company’s first human-centric robot designed for Industry and Healthcare.

CLOi SuitBot is different from LG’s previously announced robots that navigate airport lounges and hotel hallways by themselves. It instead supports and enhances a user’s legs to allow for more mobility and lower limb strength.

Last year, LG invested in a startup called SG Robotics that develops robots to overcome the limitations of the human body in everyday life. Developed in collaboration with the startup, the LG CLOi SuitBot is a comfortable fit and has rotating joints that allow the wearable robot to move in a more relaxed and natural way to enhance the lower body while walking, standing or working.

Its sandal-type shoes and automatic adjustment feature allow the wearer to easily get in and out of the robot. This feature differentiates the LG CLOi SuitBot from many other exoskeletons that basically perform the same function.

LG unveils its new AI-powered wearable robot

The CLOi SuitBot can connect to other LG service robots to form a smart working network that can deliver information and tools required at work sites such as manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. Also, AI technology allows LG CLOi SuitBot to learn and evolve through the recognition and analysis of biometric and environment data, measuring and analyzing movements to suggest optimal movements and stances for maximum power efficiency.

“LG CLOi SuitBot is evidence of our full commitment to expanding our portfolio of service robots that deliver tangible convenience and innovation in our lives,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “It’s just one example of a wide range of revolutionary AI products designed to interact with users to dramatically elevate user convenience and create new opportunities to advance our robotics initiative into a next-gen growth engine.”

LG is showcasing the CLOi SuitBot at IFA 2018 in Berlin until September 5th. Visitors can check it out at the company’s booth in Hall 18.

Source: LG

Google Confirms, No Pixel Smartwatch This Year

A major rumor that accompanied the Pixel 3 XL leaks was about Google’s first smartwatch i.e. the Pixelwatch. Well, Google has confirmed to Tom’s Guide that it won’t be launching its smartwatch anytime soon. For further assurance, Tom’s Guide reached out to Google and a PR representative again confirmed that the company won’t be releasing a watch of its own this year.

So if you were waiting for the Pixelwatch announcement at Google’s hardware launch event, you have to wait for one more year.

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Why Google Won’t Announce The Pixelwatch? 

Many reliable sources reported that Google is definitely working on a Pixelwatch. Well, the smartwatch that Google has planned might still be in the development and testing phase. Consequently, the smartwatch project has been delayed or canceled. Apart from that Google also stated that its main focus is on further improvement and development of Wear OS for its partners like Casio, Fossil, and Diesel.

Miles Barr, Google’s director of engineering for Wear OS, said Friday during an interview that Google has no plans to release a smartwatch this year.

To think of a one-size-fits-all watch, I don’t think we’re there yet,” Barr said. “Our focus is on our partners for now.”

Wear OS: Future Developments And Improvements

Google stated that its present focus is on improving and developing Wear OS, these are the three new features that will enhance the Wear OS experience.

  1. Full-fledged Google Assistant will soon make its way to Wear OS. The Assistant will track your usage patterns and will adapt to your activity. It will also display curated information like plans, reminders, your keep lists etc. based on users preference.
  2. The next major update will drastically improve the battery life of devices running on Wear OS. Google is improvising the hardware and software optimization. The new software will efficiently utilize the hardware.
  3. Qualcomm may soon unveil a processor dedicated for smartwatches, this new processor will become standard among the future Wear OS watches. If Google gets powerful hardware it can develop features and apps that require additional resources.

Well, if you have made it so far do let us know what do you wear on daily basis a regular (digital/ analog) watch or a smartwatch.

Nubia Announced World’s First Bendable Smartphone Watch

You might have come across the smartphone prototypes that offer a bendable display. These prototypes definitely convey how the future smartphones will look like, but they haven’t reached the production stage yet. Surprisingly, a small ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia displayed the Nubia-α.

Its a new category of device called the smartphone watch that has a bendable display. Do keep in mind that it’s not a prototype but an actual working product. This new smartphone watch is one among many other astonishing gadgets launched at the IFA 2018.

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Nubia-α: The Smartest Watch Ever

Nubia-α sports a big flexible display and has a decent looking segmented band. This device can be considered as a smartphone and smartwatch hybrid, that eliminates the need for carrying either one. Nubia claims that the Nubia-α will offer “all essential functions of a smartphone to the user at their fingertips.” Apart from that, Nubia hasn’t unveiled any details about the display, the OS, and the internals powering the smartwatch.


The major reason why Nubia-α can be considered as a smartwatch is the presence of a 4G LTE modem that offers true standalone wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the smartwatch also sports a front-facing camera. Well, the attractive device by Nubia may not completely overcome the smartphone and smartwatch market, but where the next generation devices can go is truly exciting.

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Nubia-α: Major Flaws

As mentioned earlier, the Nubia-α cant overcome dedicated smartphones. The Nubia-α will come with low powered internals, that will limit the smartwatch to basic tasks like calling, messaging, playing music etc. As of now, Nubia hasn’t revealed the OS on the Nubia-α. Consequently, we can ensure that the watch won’t be running on Android or Wear OS.


Introducing a new OS dedicated to the Nubia-α won’t be a wise decision. As there will be a shortage of applications and lack of connectivity with other devices like smartphones and computers. Do share your thoughts and opinions on the Nubia-α in the comments section below.