Apple iPhone SE 2 Specifications, Features, Price And Launch Date

Every year Apple introduces two iPhones (with iPhone X as an exception), one of these iPhone is a bit cheaper and has a smaller form-factor as compared to the Plus version. Well, a majority of users prefer the smaller one due to its compact size and almost similar performance.

Almost two years ago Apple introduced the iPhone SE with flagship internals from iPhone 6S and an identical design inherited from iPhone 5S. We can expect the iPhone SE2 to be the #OneMoreThing on 12th September at the iPhone XS launch event. So here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone SE 2 before its launch.

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iPhone SE 2: Rumoured Specifications And Features

As everyone would have expected the major highlight of the new iPhone SE 2 will be its small and compact form factor. Furthermore, this iPhone might be the cheapest among the three iPhone’s that will be announced at the Steve Jobs Theater. Reliable sources suggest that iPhone SE 2 will inherit design aesthetics from last year’s iPhone X. Lastly, iPhone SE 2 might offer iPhone 5C like color variants.

iPhone SE 2
IMG: ConceptCreator

The iPhone SE 2 might be powered by the A10 fusion processor that Apple introduced with the iPhone 7. As far as storage is concerned the device will come in either 32GB or 128GB storage variants coupled with 2GB RAM that will be standard across the entire lineup. The iPhone SE 2 might sport a 12MP camera with f/2.2 aperture.

iPhone SE 2
IMG: ConceptCreator

Apple will increase the battery size on the iPhone SE 2 from 1,640mAh to 1,700mAh so as to power a bigger display. iPhone SE 2 will not come with a headphone jack but the device may retain the Touch ID-equipped home button. So as to reduce the pricing rather than an OLED panel Apple may offer an LCD display on the iPhone SE 2.

Some other missing features might be just a single rear camera, no Face ID, and no wireless charging.

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iPhone SE 2: Pricing And Launch Date

iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone that you can buy right now and the device retails for around $300. Well, the iPhone SE 2 will retail for a price of $700/£700, which by no means is a budget smartphone. The iPhone SE 2 will be launched on 12th December at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. For further updates on the iPhone SE 2 follow us on Twitter.


In spite of launching the iPhone SE 2, Apple unveiled the iPhone XR and its the budget iPhone for 2018. The iPhone XR is similar to the iPhone XS in terms of performance.

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    • No Apple launched the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone SE2. That said, we can still hope that Apple launches the SE2 at the 2019 WWDC


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