iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Have Poor WiFi And LTE Reception

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are one of the most premium and expensive flagship smartphones. Apple hasn’t left any room to complain in terms of performance, display, and camera. That said, there are a few minute issues that aren’t negligible due to the high price point of the iPhone XS.

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iPhone XS: Poor WiFi And Cellular Signal Strength

Many people who have started using the iPhone XS or the iPhone XS Max as their daily drivers and are complaining about the poor WiFi and LTE speeds. Many reports on Twitter and Reddit confirm that this is a widespread issue and not limited to one in a million device.

Surprisingly, there is a massive difference between both upload and download speeds as compared to even the two years old iPhone 7. That said, the latency on the new iPhones is good but the poor speed is still a matter of concern. Furthermore, a benchmark test for RF power output suggests that both these smartphones were not able to cross the standard  200mW benchmark.

According to WiWavelength, the reason behind poor WiFi and cellular speeds is a slight flaw in the placement of the four antenna bands. Due to the manner in which these four antenna bands are incorporated the phone exhibits negative antenna gain, which results in attenuation. Consequently, it will be fairly difficult or impossible for Apple to fix this hardware issue through a software update.

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iPhone XS Poor Wifi And LTE Speeds: Should You Be Concerned?

Well, a slight variation in speed of about 5mbps to 10mbps won’t be an issue if you are browsing the internet, checking emails, or scrolling through social media feeds. Though it is a major issue for pro users who download and upload gigabytes of data on their smartphones. Lastly, low LTE speeds coupled with bad signal strength in remote areas can increase the problem.

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