Nubia Announced World’s First Bendable Smartphone Watch

You might have come across the smartphone prototypes that offer a bendable display. These prototypes definitely convey how the future smartphones will look like, but they haven’t reached the production stage yet. Surprisingly, a small ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia displayed the Nubia-α.

Its a new category of device called the smartphone watch that has a bendable display. Do keep in mind that it’s not a prototype but an actual working product. This new smartphone watch is one among many other astonishing gadgets launched at the IFA 2018.

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Nubia-α: The Smartest Watch Ever

Nubia-α sports a big flexible display and has a decent looking segmented band. This device can be considered as a smartphone and smartwatch hybrid, that eliminates the need for carrying either one. Nubia claims that the Nubia-α will offer “all essential functions of a smartphone to the user at their fingertips.” Apart from that, Nubia hasn’t unveiled any details about the display, the OS, and the internals powering the smartwatch.

The major reason why Nubia-α can be considered as a smartwatch is the presence of a 4G LTE modem that offers true standalone wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the smartwatch also sports a front-facing camera. Well, the attractive device by Nubia may not completely overcome the smartphone and smartwatch market, but where the next generation devices can go is truly exciting.

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Nubia-α: Major Flaws

As mentioned earlier, the Nubia-α cant overcome dedicated smartphones. The Nubia-α will come with low powered internals, that will limit the smartwatch to basic tasks like calling, messaging, playing music etc. As of now, Nubia hasn’t revealed the OS on the Nubia-α. Consequently, we can ensure that the watch won’t be running on Android or Wear OS.

Introducing a new OS dedicated to the Nubia-α won’t be a wise decision. As there will be a shortage of applications and lack of connectivity with other devices like smartphones and computers. Do share your thoughts and opinions on the Nubia-α in the comments section below.