OnePlus 6T To Be Announced On 29th October: Three Most Exciting Features

OnePlus 6T is possibly one of the most awaited smartphones of 2018. The wait now seems to be over. OnePlus has confirmed that it will unveil its latest flagship offering the OnePlus 6T on 29th October 2018 at an event in New York at 11 am ET. So these are the three new features that will make OnePlus 6T a true flagship-killer.

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OnePlus 6T: Waterdrop Notch

OnePlus 6T will inherit design aesthetics from its predecessor OnePlus 6. Infact, the physical dimensions and the dual camera layout will resemble the OnePlus 6. The major changes on the OnePlus 6T will be on the front side of the display. Well, we can expect the OnePlus 6T to feature a waterdrop notch.

This waterdrop notch will drastically improvise the screen to body ratio of the OnePlus 6T. Furthermore, waterdrop notch is a better implementation as compared to iPhone X styled notch.

OnePlus 6T: In-Glass Fingerprint Sensor

Though the concept of the in-glass fingerprint sensor isn’t new, OnePlus 6T might become the first Android smartphone with the in-glass fingerprint sensor that will reach masses. OnePlus will eliminate the physical fingerprint from the rear of the device to maintain consistency in design.

Most major premium smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Google haven’t introduced or used this interesting technology. Well, this security sensor is comparatively slower and inaccurate as compared to physical biometric sensors.

OnePlus 6T: Ditching The 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Well, OnePlus 6T is next in the line to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. Well, it’s not what majority of consumers want, but OnePlus 6T won’t come with this important port. OnePlus claims that ditching the 3.5 mm headphone jack will help the company to use the space for embedding modern technology in the smartphone.

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