Samsung Galaxy S10: Specifications and Features, Everything Known So Far

Samsung has been producing Android smartphones for around a decade now, and the company has helped in the development and evolution of smartphones. It was Samsung that introduced the concept of phablets with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Even companies like Apple had to follow the trend and manufacture larger phones like iPhone 6 Plus to compete with Android smartphones. One of the oldest and most popular flagship Android smartphone series that has evolved over the years is the Samsung Galaxy S series.

Next year Samsung will launch the 10th generation device of the Galaxy S series. The smartphone will possibly be perfect in almost every single aspect. So here’s everything we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Design And Display

Samsung Galaxy S10 might come with entirely new design aesthetics, as Samsung has used the Galaxy S8 based design in around four flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched in three different display sizes. Well, Samsung has always ranted the notch based display on the iPhone’s. Consequently, Samsung won’t use a notch based display on the Galaxy S10.

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Though, its clear that the bezels are reduced to almost negligible size. Furthermore, so as to achieve a higher screen to body ratio Samsung may rely on a pop-up front facing camera. Apart from that, the smartphone will still retain a dedicated Bixby button.

Samsung Galaxy S10: In-Glass Fingerprint Sensor

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with an in-glass fingerprint sensor coupled with major improvements in 3D face scanner. Among all three models, the two premium Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will use ultrasonic display-based sensors. While the entry-level model will come with an optical fingerprint sensor.

This ultrasonic fingerprint sensor creates a 3D mapped fingerprint using an ultrasonic pulse and its reflection. The major advantage of this sensor includes improved security and higher accuracy.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Improved Internals

Samsung Galaxy S10 will offer flawless performance across the board. The S10 will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor. This 7nm chipset is smaller, more powerful, and more efficient than the Snapdragon 845 found in Galaxy S9. This flagship chip will offer improved graphics, faster download speeds, and possibly support 5G connectivity. As far as RAM and storage are concerned, the Galaxy S10 will come with a maximum of 8GB RAM and similar to the Galaxy Note 9 512GB of storage.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Triple Sensor Camera

Samsung Galaxy S series boasts some of the best optics found on Android smartphones. Brands like Huawei and Google are offering improvements in camera performance through better camera hardware and software processing. Samsung might introduce a triple-lens rear camera on the top-end Samsung Galaxy S10+.

IMG: Concept Creator

These three sensors might feature 12MP, 13MP, and 16MP megapixels count. The 12MP will be a wide-angle lens, while the 16MP one will be a super wide-angle lens, and the 13MP will be a telephoto lens. Lastly, all the S10 models will offer a dual front-facing camera setup.

So these were some initial expectations from the Galaxy S10. Do share your thoughts and opinions on the Galaxy S10 in the comments section below.

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