Samsung Infinity Flex: The Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has been teasing foldable display for many years now. The South Korean tech giant has now finally come up with an actual prototype hardware. Samsung unveiled its foldable smartphone at the annual developer conference in San Francisco. So here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Infinity Flex.

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Samsung Infinity Flex: Foldable Display

Samsung Infinity Flex is a foldable smartphone that sports a bigger 7.3-inch tablet like display and a smaller 4.5-inch smartphone-like display. This new foldable smartphone is made up of a “flexible and durable” material and it has a bulky form factor. Unlike, other 2018 flagship devices this foldable smartphone is not bezeless.

Samsung Infinity Flex Specifications

7.3-inch Display

  • Resolution: 1,536×2,152 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 4.2:3
  • Screen density: 420 ppi

4.5-inch Display Specs

  • Resolution: 1,960×840 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 21:9
  • Screen density: 420 ppi

Samsung claims that in a few months the foldable display smartphone will reach the mass production stage. As of now, Samsung hasn’t announced the actual naming of this smartphone but it may be called as the Galaxy F or Galaxy X.

Samsung Infinity Flex: Sofware

Samsung Infinity Flex
IMG: Verge

Samsung’s first generation foldable smartphone will run on a completely new One UI. This custom skin is primarily designed for the foldable smartphone and it helps enhance the overall experience while using a foldable display. Samsung stated that users can simultaneously use up to three applications on the bigger display.

Samsung Infinity Flex

Furthermore, app continuity allows users to continue using a particular application even after changing the form factor. Flipboard (a popular news application), is the one among few initial apps that will be compatible with the foldable display. So as to increase the compatibility of applications with foldable display Samsung is working closely with Google.

It is worth noting that, other companies like Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, and Lenovo might also unveil their foldable smartphones by next year. Consequently, Google is working to implement Android support for foldable smartphones.

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