Why Apple Discontinued the iPhone X ?

A few days ago, Apple announced its new 2018 iPhone lineup consisting of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. These new iPhones offer subtle upgrades over the iPhone X. Well, the 2018 keynote also marked the discontinuation of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone X. So here’s why Apple discontinued the iPhone X.

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iPhone X: The Perfect Alternative To iPhone XS

Even after being a year old smartphone, iPhone X is still a perfect flagship device that offers flawless performance, an impressive OLED display, and capable dual-camera setup. Furthermore, the optimization provided by iOS 12 makes the experience much better.

It is worth noting that, the manufacturing cost of iPhone X is somewhat similar to that of the iPhone XS. Moreover, with the launch of iPhone XS, it was necessary for Apple to reduce the price of iPhone X by at least $100. A casual user would prefer getting an iPhone X due to its comparatively lower price tag and almost similar features. Sales of the cheap iPhone X will have an adverse impact on Apple’s high-profit margin.

As a conclusion, the primary reason why Apple discontinued the iPhone X was to increase the sales of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It was also crucial for Apple to create hype about the iPhone XS to popularise the device.

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iPhone XS: A Worthy Upgrade?

So should you upgrade to the new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

Definitely No

Well, if you are using iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, or the iPhone X then upgrading to the iPhone XS is not worthy. Updating your phone to iOS 12 will significantly improve the performance of your smartphone. It will be a wise decision to wait for the next iPhone release as apart from the internal improvements there is hardly any major update that justifies upgrading to the iPhone XS.

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