10 Best Programming Languages For AI in 2023

Artificial Intelligence is probably one of the great boon to human society. Many tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft are actively deploying AI to improve their business operations.

The most common real-life example of AI can be seen in Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, where these digital assistants help users to perform various tasks ranging from searching for something on the web to sending commands to another app.

With time, many other revolutionary developments took place such as the introduction of ChatGPT.

The technology is purely based on the Natural language Processing mechanism, allowing the users to have human-like conversations with a chatbot.

Even, ChatGPT can assist in coding, essays, and composing emails.

Its creators from OpenAI say that the technology is currently in the research and development phase, where feedback is being scanned for improvement.

So, imagine the ease of doing work/business after its final implementation.

Therefore, after observing all the benefits of AI and its expansions, It becomes crucial to learn the basics of AI including the scope and programming languages. Thus, we prepared a list of the best programming languages for AI.

What is AI? (Artificial Intelligence)

As the name suggests Artificial intelligence is simply an intelligence which is artificial. This means that intelligence is not natural as humans possess, it is demonstrated by machines based on their learning experience and nature of development. In simple words, artificial intelligence refers to automatically adopted intelligence by observing the pattern of human activities and optimizing for its best fit.

Scope Of AI:-

Now, coming to the scope of AI, then it is huge. Due to the advancement of technology, the day is not so far when we may witness AI-developed tools to assist doctors in medicine prescriptions and treatment suggestions. These tools will keep track of the patient’s medical history and will assist doctors in making decisions regarding patient treatment and medicine. Apart from this, it is already helping Amazon on its e-commerce website to suggest buyer the products based on their past purchasing history.

Technically when algorithms are self-learning, the data itself can become intellectual property. The answers are in the data; you just have to apply AI to get them out.

There are basically three types of ‘Artificial intelligence’ Weak AI, Strong AI, and Singularity.

1. Weak Ai – Weak AI is also known as artificial narrow intelligence. This type of intelligence works best in some specific areas, for instance, the air traffic control system. The system works a thousand times better than humans, and working in that direction only means not being capable of doing other tasks such as defeating players in chess (because it is not meant for that).

2. Strong Ai (artificial general intelligence)- Strong AI refers to the type of system which is on the same level as human brains – for example, robots. They can perform many day-to-day tasks just like humans, based on their programming.

3. Singularity (artificial superintelligence)- Singularity refers to those robot systems which will learn and enhance their intelligence and may also create more robots like them in the future. This is the perfect level of artificial intelligence deployment.

10 Best programming languages for AI:-

1. Python

Python is the most preferred programming language for AI. It is mainly because of its simplicity and easy coding behavior. Many experienced software developers and machine learning enthusiasts recommend Python for its best suitability in terms of the development of AI and ML (machine learning). The programming language offers effortless prototyping and building of apps, great framework, and open-source libraries.

2. Prolog

The second on the list is Prolog. The main reason for mentioning prolog is that it basically revolves around those dedicated mechanisms which consist of small, flexible, and well-built programming frameworks. Prolog is widely used for logic-based development, expert system implementation, and pattern matching.


Yes, java. Java is also on the list because of its evergreen popularity and easy-to-use features. As we all know Java is purely based on the OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming System), which makes it easy to code the algorithms based on AI. Also, Java has strong libraries, high security, neutral architecture, and high performance.

4. C++

The next on the list is C++. The most important factor for using C++ in AI is speed. It is the fastest language of all. High speed is also the main concern for the developer of AI. C++ is fast, easy to use and learn, full of real-world implementations, and much more.


LISP (List Processing) is a high-level programming language that is already widely used by AI developers. it is highly extensible, supports rapid prototyping, and garbage collection. Lisp has a great prototyping tool too.

6. Julia

Julia is developed by MIT primarily for high-performance numerical computing that assists well in machine learning. The best implantation of Julia is that it can easily translate algorithms directly from research papers into code. This encourages ease of use without a doubt.

7. Matlab

Matlab is another fast numerical computing-based programming language on this list. It offers an extensive library of built-in functions for classification, feature extraction, and data pre-processing.

8. Haskell

Haskell is a purely functional programming language allowing it to be more flexible and expressive. Its efficient memory management and practices related to the reusability of code enables it to be on this list. Many AI developers across the globe make use of it.

9. Scala

Scala is a general-purpose programming language mainly suitable for AI development. It is widely integrated with Java which is already an appropriate programming language for AI developers. The top feature of Scala includes the ability to handle complex algorithms and stream data transfer.

10. R

When it comes to data analysis or statistical software development, R is something you should consider. It is one of the most preferred programming languages of data scientists. It integrates amazingly with other languages and has many packages available. This is why it is among the top programming languages for AI.


Thus, these were some of the best programming languages for developing AI-based technologies.

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