Udacity offering 100,000 free programming courses

Yes, you read it right!

Udacity the popular online learning platform is now offering a free scholarship program, Under which anybody can learn from their 100,000 free skill-based courses.

The program is a part of their Pledge to America’s Workers initiative.

Pledge to America’s Workers – In this, the government creates a call to action for business and industries to generate more and better jobs for the Americans by providing them essential education and training opportunities.

In a blog post published by udacity itself.

They clearly mentioned that they will be providing free technology-based professional courses.

Courses like front-end web development, mobile app development, data analytics and much more.These courses will not only help them with the knowledge and skills but also equip them for the better future.

Talking about the number of applicants then there will be around (estimation) 20,000 applicants annually from the year 2020 to 2024.

Now they haven’t announced any criteria yet, but if they do then we will be sharing it with you for sure.

Although the program mainly targets low-income workers who are looking for a better career in programming. The very new executive chief of Udacity “Gabe Dalporto” said that these courses will help individuals in landing their highest-paying computer science jobs.

The program will be rolled out in total of 2 phases:

Phase 1 includes scholarships for Udacity’s challenge courses.

In this, the candidates need to dedicate their couple of hours per week for at least 2/3 months on regular basis in order to achieve a scholarship.

Phase 2 includes a Nanodegree scholarship program for the top 10,000 students who passed away from the previous Phase 1 challenge.

However the udacity nanodegree program costs around $399 per month but after passing phase 1 and entering into phase 2, candidates need not to worry about this amount.

The entire initiative will cost around tens of millions of dollars to Udacity.

But I think this initiative is something which is very helpful to our programming community.

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