Codecademy Is Providing Free Course On Google’s Popular “Go Language”

Golang” or better if we say “Go language” is the popular new open-source programming language developed by Google.

It was initially developed, to be used as an alternative of “C++” and “Java” – the other two popular languages used by app developers.

The main purpose behind the creation of “GO” is to build fast, reliable and efficient software at scale. Talking about its popularity then it is clearly visible on the internet.

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Recently, Codecademy partnered with Google to launch it’s new free course on Go.

The course is live now and the first four modules include 9 hours of content. It basically covers the introduction, variables, functions, and conditionals.

The lessons are broken down into small steps and equipped with quizzes to make sure that candidates have a clear understanding of basics.

Skills Covered in this course 

  • The setup of a Go environment and how to create a Go file.
  • Go’s data types and variables.
  • Go’s conditional statements.
  • Using functions in Go.

Projects covered in this course 

  • Gopher It: Print out ASCII art using Go.
  • Comic Mischief: Use variables to store data about a comic shop.
  • Bank Heist: Simulate a bank heist using conditionals.
  • Interstellar Travel: Call the functions of a space-traveling agency.


Although it’s a course for beginners but we don’t recommend you to go for it unless you know the basics of C++ and JavaScript. It’s a brand new language and without knowing about its predecessors you won’t be able to understand it well. So keep this in mind before enrolling.

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