What is Java Programming? | Introduction – For beginners

What is Java programming?

Java programming is a general purpose object-oriented programming language, which broke the records of popularity in past few years. Yes, this language had the highest job opportunities and still growing.

It is also widely used over 3 billion devices in the world. Yes, this is huge.

What makes it so much popular? Well, there are numerous reason behind it and we will be discussing each of them here. But first, let’s look at what definition has to offer.

Definition: “Java is a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms. When a programmer writes a Java application, the compiled code (known as bytecode) runs on most operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java derives much of its syntax from the C and C++ programming languages.”

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Why Java Programming Was Created?

What is Java Programming?

Java was created to develop virus-free software for consumer electronic devices such as tv’s, washing machines, smart watches and much more. It was first introduced by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems California, United States.

It was originally called as oak. Now, why oak? because there was an oak tree outside Gosling’s office. Later “Green Team” which was lead by Gasling demonstrated it with television but then they realized that this language is too advanced for digital cable television at that time so the name was changed to java which means a cup of coffee. This is also the reason behind the logo of the this language as well.

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Features of Java Programming

Features of Java programming

  1. Platform Independent: The vision behind the creation of java is (WORA). WORA stands for “write once, run anywhere”.  This implies that the code written in this language can be run on any platform or operating system without any technical hindrance. In simple words code written in windows, can be run on Linux, UNIX, and even Mac OS as well.
  2. Object-oriented language: As we all know that different programming languages follow different approaches. But object-oriented is the most famous one. It is followed by c++ as well. This approach lets you divide big complex problems into small chunks. It is done by creating objects, which results in code reusability and easy maintenance of code.
  3. Fast: If we look at the past versions then this language was criticized for being too slow. But, the time has changed now. The new JVMs are much faster. Here JVM stands for java virtual machine, which enables the computer to run Java programmes as well as programmes written in other languages.
  4. More Secure. Security is the main concern in this language. As the platforms used to build Java-based applications provide an extra layer of security, makes it more reliable. it also has automatic memory management which saves us from memory leaks and memory corruption.
  5. Large Standard library: One of the reasons why this language is widely used is because of the availability of its huge standard library. Similar to other code standard libraries, they provide a great set of functionalities to the programmer.

Applications of Java Programming

Applications of java programming

Java applications are widely used over the planet. The chances of having an interaction with them in some way or the other are very high. As we mentioned earlier 3 billion java powered devices are being used every day. To this contrast here are some applications of java.

  1. Android Apps- it is mainly used to make android apps. These apps were made with the help of Java SDK (Software Development Kit).
  2. Web Apps- it is also known for the development of some very renowned web apps such as Google, Facebook, and linkedin.com etc. Though these websites are not entirely written with java some other languages are also used.
  3. Big Data Processing- This is also known by the term Data Science. So, yes you can use the popular framework Hadoop to process big data, which is purely written in this language. In order to know more about data science.
  4. Embedded Devices- Java embedded technologies provide a platform to billions of devices such as tv’s, washing machines and much more. On the other hand languages like c and c++ is still a popular choice for embedded devices.
  5. Trading System- There are numerous trading apps on play store. This clearly shows that this language is also used to make low latency based trading apps where time matters the most.
  6. Game Development– Yes java also plays a very important role in game development. In fact, one of the most popular android games like TempleRun, Minecraft and Asphalt 4 were built using this language.

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Various Resources to learn Java programming

java programming

Well, there are tons of resources out there. You can join coaching classes in your city or if you feel lazy to do that then there are some good online sources as well.

Here we are listing some of the most popular resources on the internet which are widely used to learn java. Some might charge a fee but some are totally free. Just by clicking their names you will be redirected to them.

Or if you prefer learning from books then click  10 Best Java Books ( 2018 Updated )

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So this was all regarding Java if you find this helpful let us know in the comment section below. Would love to hear that. Stay tuned for more.

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