Highest Paying Certifications For Computer Science Jobs

When it comes to computer science then you just can’t rely on the things that you have learned 5 years back. You always need to update yourself with brand new knowledge and skills, in order to grow more. As there are the number of ways to grow in the computer science industry or computer science jobs, grabbing I.T certifications is just one of them. So here, in this article, we are providing with the list of Highest Paying Certifications in Computer Science jobs 2018 version.

But before moving further in the Certifications of Computer Science jobs, we all must be familiar with the highest paying computer science job profiles. What is the current demand of industry and of course, the profile’s future scope?.

Well, generally nothing is fixed in this industry. As we can’t control the advancement of technology, means we also have no control over the demand of job profiles in the future.

In simple words, if there is a demand for Java developers today, then the chances are high as they might disappear in the future. This might scare you, but in reality, it doesn’t as much as it appears to be.

So this is the reason why you always need to stay updated, as this little effort might save you from becoming jobless.

What are certifications and why you need them?

Computer Science jobs

Well, imagine that you are a CEO of some ABC company, and your HR Manager is recruiting for the position of Java developers and for some other positions as well.

In your computer science Jobs descriptions, you mentioned that you need 5 years plus experience of developers with some additional capabilities. Luckily many candidates applied and you liked two of them named “Michael” and “John”.

These two have almost the same experience, same strength and capabilities, and in short everything is the same.

But at last, you HR manager selected Michael. How? What made him different and stand out from the others?. Why hasn’t HR selected John? What is the reason?.

Well, all these questions might also hit your mind. But if you really want to know, What made HR make this difficult decision easy. Then the answer is certifications.

Yes, certifications can do wonders when it comes to competition in the selection process.

In above example both the candidates have almost everything in same such as experiences, capabilities etc. But what made Michael different? is his certifications?

Certifications you should aim for computer science jobs in 2018

1. Digital Marketing Certifications

Computer Science jobs

Since every company need their clients, but how can they reach to them?. Well, here is what a Digital marketer role comes into play.

A Digital Marketer makes sure that companies can reach their potential clients digitally in order to grow. He/she makes the use of digital marketing strategies such as advertising on search engines, all social media platforms, emails, mobile apps, and websites in order to gather client’s attention.

Once the started having the response a payment is made to the digital marketer in case of the freelancer. Now you must be thinking why a company wants to get advertised digitally?. Well, the answer is pretty obvious. These days everyone uses the internet, spend hours on social media platforms, use many mobile apps and stuff. So it will be great for businesses to get advertised there.

Types of Digital Marketing Certifications are as follows. 

  1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional – You need to pay a fee of $150 (USD) and the salary you might expect after this is about nearly $66K (USD).
  2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional – You need to pay the exact same fee as mentioned above and the salary you can expect after this certification is also the same.
  3. Google Adwords Certifications – This is the most demanded certification a digital marketer can have. It is also widely considered by many companies while recruiting Candidates. If we talk about freelancing as well, then some clients also look for this certification under the belt of the person they want to hire. The fee amount you need to pay for this certification is none. Yes, it’s absolutely free. Anyone can go for this and the salary you can expect after this is up to 65K US Dollars.
  4. HubSpot Content Marketing – Similar like the above one but less recognizable, this certification is also free of cost and the salary you can expect after this is almost the same as above.

2. Programming Certifications

Computer Science jobs

Programming is something which can never come to an end. This skill is currently needed by many recruiters as the demand for programmers has raised over the tremendous amount in past few years.

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A programmer is someone who builds apps and software to solve everyday problems. This leads to the welfare of millions of people and also by doing this, programmers are contributing to the world for betterment.

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Long lasting career doesn’t mean guarantee success. Like other careers, you also need some sort of certifications in it.

As a matter of fact, the world richest man is a programmer in itself. And that great personality is Bill Gates.

All these things might boost you to become a programmer or even the best programmer in the world. Yes, it is possible. All you need is to have an edge over the others and it can be achieved by having some programming certifications under your belt. Now, there are many types of programming certifications and you can choose your favorite one.

Types of Programming Certifications are as follows.

  • Udacity Nanodegree – Udacity Nangdegree offers a great certification and the cost of this certification ranges from USD$100 to USD$3500. Yes, it may sound a bit expensive but if you see the other side of the coin then it is justified. Why? because you will get the best learning experience as the certification test is offered by the experts from Silicon Valley and all the courses are made with the association of leading tech giant like Google, Facebook, Apple, AT&T etc. So kindly Consider it once.
  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer – As the name says it all, this certification needs no explanation. It is very popular in silicon valley and almost every other Java Programmer wants to grab it. The certification cost you around USD$145 and the salary you might expect is about USD$1200/month.
  • C programming language Certified Associate – This certification will cost you around USD$295 and the salary to be expected is about USD$1200 per month which is very nice.
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer – Well, a certification from one of the biggest tech companies in the world Microsoft will surely boost your career. The fee for the certification ranges from USD$150 to USD$300 and the salary one can expect is about USD$ 1200 to 1500 per month.

3. Network Certifications

Computer Science jobs

Networking plays a very crucial role in today’s world and of course, it will be as important as it is today, in the future.

The reason behind this is pretty basic, every company nowadays works online. Right? And it needs internet to work. That internet allows them to share data, connect with clients and of course share profits as well. So, in short, the internet is the backbone of the business.

Imagine a scenario where if the network cables got dead. There will be no internet. And big companies like Google, Facebook will have to suffer for this.

Not only suffer they may have to bear the loss of millions of dollars. So that’s why to avoid this kind of scary moment, they hire for network specialists.

Working as a network specialist a person need to ensure the security of the company’s network and maintain the network in order to function as well. It will be better to have some certifications under your belt.

So the certifications for networking specialists are as follows

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional – A certification from the world leading technology company will surely put recruiters into your charm. But obviously, it has a cost to pay. The certification will cost you around USD$3,300 which is a hell lot of money. But if you managed to earn this certification then surely you will be easily earning around USD$41k per year. It will be best suited for the network specialists and system engineers.
  • Cisco Certified Internet Expert – Once again Cisco has a certification for you called as a certified internet expert. The certification will cost you about  $1400 but you can expect to earn up to $100,000 per year.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate – well, this certification is for network associates only, so keep that in mind. Rest many people apply for it every year, so you can judge of its popularity by that. Talking about the fee you first need to clear its three main exams in which the first exam will cost you about USD$300 and the other two named  ICND1 and ICND2 at USD$165 each.

4. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Computer Science jobs

If you want to have expertise in developing and maintaining applications then this certification is for you. Having this certification authorizes technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on AWS for the mobile platform as well for websites.

Before being certified, an induvial needs to have some hands-on experience with some of the programming languages.

Talking about the exam, then it is a computer-based exam. You can prepare for this exam by enrolling in Developing on AWS course.

At last, the fee for professional level certification will cost you around  USD$300 and the practice test is available for USD$40.

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Computer Science jobs

Last but definitely not the least. In order to get certified as an aws solutions architect associate, you need to have good designing skills to deploy on scalable systems.

The best part about this certification is that it has a very high demand and a bright future. A person with this certification will easily get a job without any salary issues for sure.

According to this year’s salary survey, the person who is certified in this has been reported an average salary of more than USD$100,000 annually. Which is the best you can get.

Talking about the exams then they are similar like other aws certifications are computer-based. The certification exam has a wide range of syllabus including designing on AWS, selecting the appropriate AWS services, ingress, and egress of data to and from the AWS environment, estimating AWS costs and at last identifying cost-control measures.

All this may sound you easy but it is actually a bit difficult goal to achieve. So best of luck.

At last, you need to pay USD $150 as an exam cost, and the Professional Level exams cost around USD $300. Which is best when it comes to value for money ratio.

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So this was all regarding Highest Paying Certifications in Computer Science jobs in 2o18. If you have any better suggestions then let us know in the comment section below, would love to hear that.

Stay tuned for more.

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