DevOps and Machine Learning are highly demanded jobs this year

DevOps and machine learning professionals to control technology opportunities this year

Stack Overflow, a popular developer community and jobs site, published their eight Annual Developer Survey results this year, which saw over 100,000 developers around the world take the 30-minute survey.

The survey conducted by Stack Overflow reveals that DevOps and machine learning engineers earn highest salaries in the tech sector, averaging between $70,000 and $90,000 a year worldwide. However, salaries for these two ranges between $110,000 annually for DevOps specialists and $137,000 for engineering managers within the U.S.

“DevOps and machine learning are important trends in the software industry today. Languages and frameworks associated with these kinds of works are on the rise, and developers working in these areas command the highest salaries”,reads the survey.

The survey also shows that DevOps specialists and developers who work on enterprise and desktop applications have the most significant experience, with an average eight years of experience in professional coding.

DevOps as a discipline and professional identity is relatively new, but the people working in this field are highly experienced,” reads the survey. “Game/graphics developers and mobile developers have the fewest years of experience.

The scripting language, Python continues to top the list as fastest-growing languages for the sixth year in a row and is mostly used by all the developers. Further, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language, which is used by 70% of developers.

Among all the languages that are used by the developers, Python continues to dominate. The scripting language has topped a list of fastest-growing languages for the sixth year in a row. JavaScript is yet another language that is used by 70% of developers.

In terms of frameworks, Node.js (50%) and AngularJS (37%) are the most commonly used technologies, with React (28%) and .Net Core (27%) also important to many developers.

In the survey, the developers were asked about their outlook on the future of artificial intelligence (AI). While developers were mostly positive about the possibilities that AI offers the world, with almost three-fourths of respondents saying that they are overall more excited than worried about the AI future. Only one-fourth said they are more worried about AI’s dangers.

ZDNet has highlighted the salary ranges from Stack Overflow’s report. These salaries are converted into the U.S. dollars.

  • Engineering manager — $89,000 globally; $137,000 US only
  • DevOps specialist — $72,000; $110,000 US only
  • Data scientist or machine learning specialist — $60,000; $102,000 US only
  • Data or business analyst — $59,000; $90,000 US only
  • Embedded applications or devices developer — $59,000; $98,000 US only
  • Full-stack developer — $59,000; $100,000 US only
  • Desktop or enterprise applications developer — $57,000; $100,000 US only
  • Back-end developer — $56,000; $102,000 US only
  • System administrator — $56,000; $93,000 US only
  • QA or test developer — $55,000; $83,000 US only
  • Database administrator — $51,000; $90,000 US only
  • Front-end developer — $51,000; $93,000 US only
  • Designer — $46,000; $85,000 US only
  • Educator or academic researcher — $44,000; $88,000 US only
  • Mobile developer — $43,000; $101,000 US only
  • Game or graphics developer — $40,000; $90,000 US only

Source: ZDNet, Stackoverflow

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