Facebook’s AI tool “SapFix” to help developers in fixing buggy code

Facebook always worked hard in delivering the best user experience. But this time they decided to welfare the programmer’s community by launching an “AI” tool to fix the buggy code. Its called as the “SapFix”.

The name sounds pretty dope right? This tool is now being used internally to automatically detect anomalies in code and suggest the developers make necessary changes.

It already contributed by providing robust code for their Android app. Facebook also announced in their Scale engineering conference that this tool will soon be available for the developer community.

Currently, SapFix works on fixing the bugs spotted by Facebook’s intelligent automated software testing tool – Sapienz.

“Below is the workflow of how Sapienz works.”

Ai tool from facebook to help developers in fixing buggy code

After detecting the bug, Sapienz either fully or partially reverts the code that caused it.

In order to handle more complex and difficult bugs, it either picks up a template based on past knowledge of bug fixes or makes minor changes to code until the bug gets fixed.

The sap is also capable of creating multiple fixes and also tests them against 3 major parameters.

  • Are there any compilation errors?
  • Does the crash persist?
  • Does the fix introduce any new crashes?

After testing against these parameters the tool picks up a fix and send it to the engineers for review and feedback.

The company also admitted that its the first time when a machine generated fix with automated end-to-end testing and repair is being deployed into facebook code.

Also, the SapFix team is continuously working on improving the tool to the extent where it can automatically detect crashes before they appear or happen. It is also said that Sapienz and SapFix both will be released as the open sourced tools, once the engineering work is complete.

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