Google killing the 32-bit Android Studio next year

Just a few days back On Jun 11, 2019, Google announced that they are killing the 32-bit Android Studio, as well as the 32-bit Android Emulator next year as they are Moving forward only with 64-bit versions of the IDE.

According to Google, the 64-bit version of Android Studio will allow better development experience for the developers rather than the 32-bit version.

A Report by 9to5 Google says “the update support for the 32-bit version of Android Studio IDE 3.6 on 31 December 2019 and the Android Emulator will be deprecated on 32-bit systems with version 28.0.25 on 30 June 2019. However, support for the 32-bit version of the Android Studio IDE 3.6 will continue for a year after 31 December but will be removing all support and download links on the last of December 2020.”

There are numerous benefits of using a 64-bit system rather than 32-bit. In which one of the biggest advantages of using a 64-bit system is, you can develop apps for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems whereas in the 32-bit system it is not possible. This also means that you can test your app on a 64-bit emulator.

Google also made one more thing clear that they are not rushing it, which is why they announced it early before June 30 to let developers know well ahead of time.

Beginning on June 30, the 32-bit Android Emulator version 28.0.25 will be deprecated and you won’t get any new features. So keep that in mind.

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