5 Ways to Improve programming skills

Tips to improve your coding skills

As we all know that programming is a very competitive field, it is one of the most expensive fields in the world as well.  This resulted in a huge demand for programmers and developers all over the globe. Programmers like Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) have reached the heights which seems to be impossible for an induvial. Hence it’s not an easy task to do. We need to work on ourselves if we want to be a kickass programmer. Even the most successful entrepreneur who himself never wrote a single line of code once said: “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer….because it teaches you how to think”(Steve Jobs). So I will provide you with ” 5 best ways to improve programming skills”.

1. Develop a Learning Mindset

Learning is the key to excel in life. In programming, we learn something new every day in programming. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes and sometimes from our experience. But continous learning is the first step towards the goal of becoming an excellent programmer. Now the question arises how to learn? Well, the best and only way is to learn by doing. For example, We can’t swim if we never do it. So no matter how much knowledge we have, how many techniques we know. we always have to work on it. In order to learn more.

2. Hone the basics to improve programming skills

Mastering the basics is the ultimate way of becoming expert in something. Achieving perfection is not an easy task. For that, we have to invest our crucial hours of life in something we do (in this case programming). So as I said earlier we learn by doing so we have to do as much as we can and nail the perfection in that. Now how can we hone the basics? well, the best way is to work on the side projects individually. The more you work on them, the sharper the basics will be. At the end skill set is everything.

3. Problem Solver

A great programmer is an excellent problem solver. He is capable of solving big problems which can be related to complex algorithms or loops or even real-world problems with easy and practical solution. The mindset must be developed in such a way that a problem is to be solved in your head just before it is about to take a big face. Everything we learn seems to be difficult in its initial stage but overtime when we practice that we cut through it like a piece of cake. So must keep it in mind that nothing is hard until and unless we are willing to do it. Try to solve big problems first. Go as hard as you can. Also, try to explore StackOverflow or GitHub to find problems from there. And try to solve it with efficiency. By this, you will also be contributing to the community.

4. Experience is the key

Every I.T company wants an experienced developer or coder. Why? I will tell you. Experience is something which cant be made overnight. It takes a lot of determination, patience, hard work, and even smart work sometimes. As you do things you will automatically find that there are many easy ways to do it. Such as using tools for testing apps using text editors with autofill functionality and much more. A company knows that an experienced developer can make a good amount of profit to them. As he must be familiar with the shortcuts and best ways to do things. In short experience holders are much more reliable than a fresher.

5. Keep moving forward.

At last, the best quality every programmer must possess is keep moving forward. Don’t stick to any problem. Find a quick solution to it. You can do that by some research on google or youtube. or ask any senior developer with some experience. Everybody face problems. The more you face it the better it will be. Just remember to keep moving forward with full clarity on what you want to do, what are you doing and why are you doing. These 3 questions and their answers must be clear in your head before doing anything. Only then your chances will be high on success. Push yourself to the limit you never did before. To get extra you have to do extra. It’s a simple theory.  Wishing you best of luck.

So these were some of the reason regarding the improvement of programming skills and if you have any better suggestion then let us know in the comment section below. Would love to share that.

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  1. These advices are so useful. Thanks your advices. And also I want to add an advice for programmers that are ambitious about it. You can read codes like a book. When you read each line, try to understand and then try to write again the code 🙂 I read it on some other websites. On the other hand, there are more advices on other websites. I guess, you can add them to your article.


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