Introduction to JavaScript programming – For beginnners

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (Created by Brendan Eich on 4th December 1995, ) is basically a client-side scripting language. Here the term client-side refers to the design section of a website. Normally called as the Front-end part. Design section is that section where all information is displayed or in simple words, the user interacts with, such as the layout of a website, images, videos, its content and basically all visible stuff.

This language is mainly used in the collaboration with HTML and CSS. Where HTML is used to display content and CSS makes that content look better (More colorful and systematic). Here what javascript comes into action. It makes that content more fluid and interactive.

So what made javascript to be counted into the list of top 10 programming languages? let’s find out. But before that let’s see what definition has to offer.

Definition- “JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, which means the source code is processed by the client’s web browser rather than on the web server. This means JavaScript functions can run after a webpage has loaded without communicating with the server.” 

Why it was created?

Introduction to javascript programming - for beginnners

Well, there are numerous reason’s behind it. First and foremost reason is the advancement of web technologies.

As we all know that time is changing, so does the need of clients. These days the client wants their website more beautiful, fluid and functional. So in order to keep up their regularly changing demands JavaScript was introduced. This allowed developers to make stunning websites.

Features of JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript programming - For beginnners

There are a hell lot of features. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS then learning and implementing javascript will be a piece of cake for you. So here we are providing you with the top reasons to learn javascript.

  1. Provides Interactivity- Javascript allows developers to create interactive web pages. For example whenever user hover’s over some content then it might perform some transitions.
  2. Richer Interfaces- You can include rich features like sliders, animations, parallax to the websites and much more.
  3. Browser Support- Sometimes we need to install the flash plugin in order to get access to flash content. But when it comes to javascript we didn’t need to install any plugin or something. It is supported by browsers as default and provides integrated support for it.
  4. For both client and server side- This is the specialty of javascript that it can be used for both client side as well as server side scripting. You can make dynamic web pages using javascript and at the same time can code for the server side as well. For example, in Alfresco which is a popular open source enterprise content management system, javascript is used in creating web scripts.
  5. Functional language- Just like any other programming languages functions can be assigned to variables in javascript as well. Even a function can accept another function as its parameter and can also run a function. This clearly allows you to add functionality in your programming style.
  6. Support for objects-  Javascript is an object-oriented language. But the way of handling objects is a bit different than other object-oriented languages. This is the reason why javascript supports different object-oriented concepts while being simple to learn and use.

Applications of JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript programming - For beginnners

  • Websites- This is pretty obvious. It adds fluency and richness in websites. Javascript is considered as important as HTML and CSS nowadays.
  • Web Applications- As we all know that our browsers and computers are being improved over time, so as our web applications. Just imagine some popular apps like Google maps or uber. how navigations are being performed? how you drag and move your fingers to see other locations? well, behind all this javascript is working.
  • Portfolios- Yes these days many clients prefer firm who has attractive portfolios. Portfolios are the websites on the internet which tells everything about that firm. These portfolios require javascript code in order to look attractive and straightforward.
  • Server apps- With the advancement of NodeJS a few years ago, JavaScript made its way from the browser into the server.
  • Games- Browsers have also become the center place of games. Whenever your internet is not working, you see a dinosaur. That dino is actually a player and you can play a game with it. Just simply tap space bar and the game will start. It’s an excellent time killer as well.

Various Resources to learn JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript programming - For beginnners

Similar to any other language there are tons and tons of resources available to learn JavaScript as well. You can learn it offline by taking numerous classes in your city or you can just opt for an online course. The main advantage of online courses is that they offer free tutorials. This facilitates you to learn without paying anything. So here we are listing some of the best available online sources.

So this was all regarding JavaScript if you find this helpful let us know in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Surprisingly after the onset of JQuery , I have met a lot of people who are not clear with the basics of Javascript, however, do everything using JQuery. I would recommend everybody to be very clear with the basics first before learning any other Javascript-based frameworks.


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