Kotlin Programming | Introduction | Features – For beginners

What is Kotlin Programming?

If you love android and want to make an app for it, then Kotlin programming language is for you. This language now clearly seems to be overtaking one of its most popular and powerful competitors “Java“. If we move back in old days then Java was the only preferred language to create android apps. Mainly because of its features and popularity.

But at Google’s I/O of 2017, they made it official that Kotlin will also be supported for Android development. This announcement was a sigh of relief for those who hated java for some reason.

So in this article, we will be providing you with all the necessary reasons why you should learn “Kotlin”. What are its features or advantages over others, and from where you can learn in short what are the various resources to learn kotlin?. But first, let’s see what its definition has to offer?

Definition- “Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript source code or use the LLVM compiler infrastructure. Its primary development is from a team of JetBrains programmers based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.”

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Why was it created?

Introduction to Kotlin Programming - For beginners

Imagine “Java” as a car who offers fast and reliable engine with amazing wheels and chassis. But it may lack in other features such as comfort, a loud sound system, and almost no cabin noise which makes your ride a bit less enjoyable.

So here what Kotlin takes over. It offers all the basic features like java does but also does offer some additional features as mentioned in the above examples such as sound system and seat and suspension comfort of a car.

First appeared in 2011 (Developed by JetBrains and Open source Contributors) this language blew everyone’s mind by its features and variety of applications. Which moves us to the point.

Features of Kotlin Programming

As if now you might be familiar with the fact that Kotlin is better than Java. So here is the list of some key features which might help kotlin to completely vanish java from its competition.Introduction to Kotlin Programming - For beginners

  1. Open source- Its an open source programming language. It also offers a one-click tool which lets the programmer convert existing Java code to kotlin with an ease.
  2. Interoperable-  Extensive Interoperability with java attracts many developers and force them to learn kotlin. It runs on the java virtual machine which is also known as JVM.
  3. Extension Functions- We can add methods to classes without making changes to their source code. Thanks to the extension functions in Kotlin.
  4. Less Code- Kotlin has this intelligent feature. For example, if you miss something in the code it will autofill it. So in nutshell, you need not to worry about the remaining code.
  5. More Fun- Kotlin makes Android development more fun as compared with java. In kotlin, you can write more expressive and effective code with fewer bugs.

Applications of Kotlin Programming

Introduction to Kotlin Programming - For beginners

  • Pinterest- This famous photo sharing and social media service now use kotlin instead of Java. What might seem a little bit surprising to you, is that “Kotlin” was used in such a popular app with its massive user base even before Google announced the first-class support for this language.
  • Coursera- Some of you might know about this online service. Coursera offers online courses held by some renowned universities and institutions such as Stanford and Yale. Also, they don’t have separate iOS and android organizations as they believe in the concept of mobile. And kotlin is similar to swift in many cases so now its a part of Coursera as well.
  • Trello- Currently owned by Atlassian, Trello is a well-known project management app. So they are using kotlin for their android based app in play store. This is a good sign as they also replaced their java code with kotlin.
  • Basecamp3- The famous business app Basecamp3 code is also written in kotlin. This app helps small business grow. This app is fully written in kotlin and its developers are claiming that this change resulted in more revenue of their organization.

So by the implementation of kotlin in all popular apps and websites, you can very well judge its potential power and Reach.

Various Resources to learn Kotlin Programming

Introduction to Kotlin Programming - For beginners

Similar to any other language there are tons and tons of resources available to learn Kotlin as well. You can learn it offline by taking numerous classes in your city or you can just opt for an online course. The main advantage of online courses is that they offer free tutorials. This facilitates you to learn without paying anything. So here we are listing some of the best available online sources.

So this was all regarding the introduction of Kotlin programming. 

Stay Tuned for more.

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