Microsoft Open sources its popular machine learning framework

Machine learning is surely our future. There is no doubt about it. And the good news is Microsoft has recently announced their popular machine learning framework as open source for commercial applications.

This lead to the huge excitement for machine learning developers and engineers.

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Now, talking about the framework Then it’s a machine learning framework which is widely used on overall  Microsoft Products. Including products like XBox, Azure, and of course Microsoft Office.

The development of the framework was started in the year 2004 via Redmond based company. The main aim behind this development is to provide scalable and interpretable machine learning solutions and they got succeeded in that. In the year 2008 Microsoft made the tool available for academic use.

The framework has a model-based approach to machine learning which ultimately allows developers to incorporate domain knowledge into the model. The model, then, can be used for building besp0oke machine learning algorithms with the help of the framework

The best part of this framework is, if the model is self-designed and learning algorithm follows that model, then you can clearly understand why the system behaves in a particular way or makes certain predictions.

The amazing team who developed this framework has made the framework as a part of ML.NET (a machine learning framework for .NET developers).

Also to note that the repositories have been set up under the .NET foundation. And this integration between the two frameworks will extend ML.NET for statistical modeling and online learning for sure.

At last, the framework is interoperable and platform independent. It is very well supported and available for all operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, and Linux through the .NET core.

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In order to download the Infer.NET just click here.

So this was all regarding the open sourcing of Microsoft’s popular machine learning framework Will you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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