Visual Studio Intellicode: AI Powered IDE to Improve Your Coding

Microsoft announces Visual Studio IntelliCode powered by AI to improve your coding experience

Coding has never been better until today when at Build2018 Microsoft introduced the feature ‘Intellicode’, an AI-assisted development for Visual Studio.

Microsoft described Intellicode as a new experimental developer tool for Visual Studio users, which will provide the coders a range of artificial intelligence enabled enhancements to improve code quality and save time.

Compared to Developers all time favorite IntelliSense, which provides a smart code completion feature and let you go beyond syntax highlighting, Intellicode will empower you with next API to use based on the coding context.

Also, The system reckons the coders’ work pattern and assists them to remain consistent. Again, it does an automatic scan to find “irregular patterns, missed refactoring, variable misuse issues, and more”, while the programmer commits or review his/ her work.

Intellicode uses machine-learning model that it has been trained on using public codebases. At present, it uses over 2000 GitHub repos that each has more than 100 stars to generate suggestions.

Demo of some of the capabilities IntelliCode will offer-

As of now, this feature is will be available only for C# language in Visual Studio 2017. However in future Microsoft may expand support for other languages as well.

As the feature is still in its experimental stage, all you coders have to hold on to your regular systems for now! But nevermind, till then you can sign-up for the upcoming private preview here.

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  1. Nice. Let’s teach Visual Studio how to replace us. By using it, we are actually training it to replace programmers.

    It is inevitable, though. Just keep this in mind when you use this tool.


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